Mushroom Production for Income Generation

Narendra Sharma is the fourth son of late Mangal Sharma, resident of village Bhagwanpur, Kushinagar. His father was a farmer by profession with very small land holding and a large family to support. Narendra started working as a carpenter for his livelihood in other city. After the sad demise of his father, he had to drop his studies. In 2008 he lost his fingers in an accident while working due to which he had to say goodbye to his career in furniture making and had to bear about four lack rupees in the treatment bringing about an acute financial crisis rendering him more poor and his economic status worsened in the next couple of years.

In 2010 he fathered a child harboring heart problem by birth. For his treatment Narendra started sale of dairy products from home for additional income. He felt the need of more financial support for his family as is said “necessity is the mother of invention” he started poultry farming. In this regard he visited Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Seorahi, Kushinagar in January 2013 where he got information on mushroom cultivation, which inspired him to starting mushroom cultivation as there were market option available locally and no reliable source of regular availability in the area. He got detailed technical and scientifically updated knowledge about mushroom production through continuous brain storming with KVK personnel overtime. In September 2013 he started the button mushroom production at home. In January 2013 he started oyster mushroom production. From button mushroom production he earned net return of INR 13750.00 with total return of INR 20250 in 135 days from limited area of 160 sq. ft. From oyster mushroom production total profit incurred was 3990 with total return of INR 6000.00 in 45-60 days. Moreover he utilized the nutrient rich compost from button mushroom for crops and nutritious feed for animals from wastes of oyster mushroom.

In this way Narendra has become an icon in the local region for initiating mushroom production in the locality and ensuring its availability besides promoting the cause to others. He is now really enjoying his success and newfound socio-economic status. He was so excited that he approached the local bank for a loan to expand his mushroom production. After thoroughly screening his application and considering his dedication to the cause the bank has sanctioned his loan and has prompted him to take up mushroom production on 100 q wheat straw. He is highly obliged to all KVK staff for their coordination and timely help as and when expected in the hour of need.


Changing Economic Status (2010-2013)

Type of Mushroom Total Cost Total Return Net Return B: C Ratio Yield in kg.
Button 6500 20250 13750 3.11:1 135
Oyster 2010 6000 3990 2.99:1 40
Total 8510 26250 17740   175